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Welcome to our new website.

We will be updating the site over the next couple of months.Check back every now and then.Thanks First Quarter Racing.

January 23-11 News:

Added a pic of our new rear 4-link brackets

Pro Stock Page
December 6th News:

The builder of arguably Australia's best 1/4 scale sprintcars, Mark Davis of Queensland, has just finished his latest car... It is a Zoom chassis, Skellenger rear, Bulls Eye front end. Wheels are from First Quarter Racing, Bishops Tires, all fabrication, paintwork and body kit by Mark. Wings by Jacatac. He built this car for his son so he can enjoy racing with his dad. Inside rear panel was left off so you could see inside.

Ben's Sprint Car
April 1st News:

Added a of pic of the New Sprint Car Center for our billet rims

New Sprint Car Center Page´┐Ż

October 14th News:

Added a new style of rim Billet Rim Page�
September 28th News:

I took the Cad Drawing Page off for a little while.If someone is looking for a certain part Drawing.Email Us

September 5th News:

Added a couple of pics of our beadlock style rim

Beadlock Rims Page�
September 2nd News:

Pro Street's Funny Car Page�
July 19th News:

Billet Rim Page Page�
June 6th News:

Added a couple of pics of the ring gear hubs.Right bottom hub is a Skellenger.Need to hand polish the headlights.Then will post pics and prices.

Ring Gear Hub Page�
Funny Car

Heading 3


To the left is a Quarterscale Funny Car from Pro Street.Pro Street has some very fine machines.I will get a full list of his inventory.Then will post it as i get it with pics. Image


The pic to the right shows a First Quarter Racing 3 pc.aluminum rim.He has bought several sets of rims.For his show cars.

Funny Car

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